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GSM IP PBX Solution

With GSM/UMTS technology becoming one of the major wireless communication technologies, GSM communication occupies 70% of the wireless communication market and takes on an added importance in business communication. As the most economic wireless communication solution nowadays, it even costs less than wired system.

MyPBX is a GSM IP-PBX that integrates GSM with enterprise telephone network. It not only reduces telephone expenses but also provides crucial communication link for remote offices lacking fixed lines.

MyPBX covers a range of GSM IP-PBX that flexibly support up to 300 users, saving telephone expenses for enterprises big and small. The leading system integration technology enables simple system configuration of MyPBX; the modular design makes the installation easy with ready scalability.

1. Low Telephone Expenses
a. Calls can be routed via the most cost-efficient GSM carriers.
b. Fixed-to-mobile calls can be converted to mobile-to-mobile calls as the latter save the cost.

2. Sustained Business Connectivity
Serve and keep in touch with customers and suppliers in offices without fixed lines.

3. Scalable
GSM IP-PBX can easily expand number of users and trunks to fulfill any growing communication need in the future.

4. Enhanced APRU for Service Providers
Combine GSM IP-PBX with their service, Mobile operators can use GSM IP-PBX to route outgoing calls of enterprises to their carriers, a win-win situation is achieved.

5. Simple Management
Efficiently manage the system through Web Interface. Remotely manage dispersed offices to provide unified management and maintenance.

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