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2N Helios IP Vario

Variability for Everyone

The 2N® Helios IP Vario is a door intercom that perfectly combines the most advanced technology with a unique design. It is a variable communication system supporting both voice and video transmission. And all that in an IP environment using the SIP protocol.

The 2N® Helios IP Vario intercom is an ideal product for any door communication environment. It can be used for the home or office, and thanks to its many accessories, such as the display, card reader, attendance system, and keypad, it offers a broad range of uses. The entire intercom system and its controls on the display adapt to your needs easily, and all of the settings and controls can be managed remotely through an Internet connection.

Impress your visitors, right at your entrance. The 2N® Helios IP Vario intercom offers many combinations and you can choose precisely what you need.

Power supply

●  802.3af (PoE) 48 V / 380 mA DC


●  Adaptor 230 V10%,

    50/60 Hz / 12V DC

    DC power supply 12 V / 2A DC



●  Signalization


●  Number of voice channels


●  Audio Codecs

    G.711 PCM, 64 kbps




●  Video Codecs

    H.264, 64 – 2048 kbit/s




Audio & Video

●  Audio

    Fullduplex (AEC)

●  Acoustic pressure for 1kHz at a distance of 1m (10W loudspeaker)

    61,5 dB

●  Video

    Camera 640 (H) x 480 (V)

    View angle 55° (H), 39° (V)

●  Night vision



RFID card reader

●  Supported cards 125kHz

    EM4100, EM4102, HID Prox



●  Ethernet

    Connector Screw plug

    Ethernet speed 10/100 BASE-T

●  Relay outputs

    Maximal voltage 30 V DC

    Maximal current 1 A DC

●  Active output

    10V – 14V DC/700mA



●  Dimensions

    210x100x29 mm (h×w×d)

●  Weight

    max. 500 g

●  Operating temperatures

    from –20 to +55 ºC

●  Cover level

    IP 53

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