VC Mobile

Suitable for mobile office workers

Yealink VC Mobile being compatible with iOS 8.0, Android 4.4 or later, as a new type app launched by Yealink used for a high definition video conferencing, extended this kind of video conferencing to such mobile staff as a tablet or smart phone. In accordance with your device type, it will accordingly display the user interface and provide you with the most comfortable and intuitive experience, be it a tablet or a smart phone. It is equipped with multiple network traversal modes for greater adaptability, including NAT, H.460, STUN, TURN, ICE. In addition, superior bandwidth adaptability and up to 30% video packet loss resistance guarantee the smooth course of a video conferencing to the maximum. Carried with Yealink VC Cloud Management Service and no messing around with settings, Yealink VC Mobile enables you to make interconnections easily with any Yealink Cloud users at any time, at any place and in any network environment. As a new and very innovative product, Yealink VC Mobile is the ideal partner for you to have a mobile and HD video conferencing.


Supports tablets and smartphones
Supports tablets and smartphones, adaptive screen resolution, bringing the best video experience

Compatible with mainstream operating systems
Supports Android and Apple iOS operating systems, and can be used on all mainstream smartphones

Join the conversation on your phone
720P high-definition video and content sharing, join in the business discussion on your phone

H.323/SIP dual-protocol support
H.323/SIP dual-protocol support supports various video conferencing terminals

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