Outstanding HD Experience with Remarkable Ease

The VC110 All-in-One Video Conferencing Solution was designed to perfectly meet the unique needs of small meeting room environments. Meeting participants will enjoy a full 1080P HD video experience, while the user-friendly, all-in-one design makes setup a breeze. The Intelligent Firewall Traversal technology means conferences are now up and running just three minutes after unboxing! Furthermore, the Yealink’s innovative VCM60 Wireless Micpod brings more flexibility to users’ conferencing experience.

Ideal form and function for videoconferencing in smaller-sized meeting rooms
The camera, microphone and codec have all been cleverly integrated into one compact form factor. With its small footprint and wall-mountability, the Yealink VC110 can be optimally placed in even the smallest of meeting rooms. All the necessary ports are easily accessed, which makes connecting quick and easy.

Dual-screen HD video & content support
The Yealink VC110 supports Full-HD 1080P video and content sharing, giving an industry-leading level of videoconferencing that’s sure to impress. The dual-screen support maximizes meeting productivity, especially when involving documents or videos- with no additional costs.

Remarkable ease in deployment and usage
With the Yealink VC110, the usual complicated array of video conferencing cables has been reduced into just three connections. Intelligent Firewall Traversal technology means plug and play—no further firewall configuration needed. The elegant user interface(UI) is a joy to use, and is as easy as using a smartphone. This unique convergence of features give rise to Yealink’s promise—three minutes from unboxing to uptime.

Even more flexibility
Yealink has taken user’s conferencing experience one step further with the VCM60 Wireless Micpod. Used in conjunction with the VC110, the VCM60enables you to place a microphone in the optimallocation for crystal-clear audio pickup.

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