Scopia XT Meeting Center

Exceptional Experience, Unique Design

The Avaya Scopia® XT Meeting Center is a premium HD room system integrating single or dual 55” 1080p displays in a specially designed cart for a simple and efficient implementation. The mobility of the cart enables the system to be used as a shared resource and is especially effective in education and healthcare environments to quickly create a high quality video meeting space.

The XT Meeting Center is powered by our flagship Avaya Scopia XT5000 – one of the only systems available in the market that includes dual 1080p/60fps live video and content, HD audio, H.264 High Profile, H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and optional embedded multi-party conferencing.

Premium All-in-One Solution
The SCOPIA XT Meeting Center is a high performance HD video conferencing solution powered by the SCOPIA XT5000. It integrates single or dual 55” 1080p premium displays in a specially designed, easy to maneuver cart for quickly creating a high quality meeting environment. The XT Meeting Center includes all the components for a fast and easy turnkey implementation.


Exceptional Experience
The SCOPIA XT Meeting Center sets the standard for an exceptional conferencing experience. Unique simultaneous dual HD 1080p 60fps for live video and content and CD-quality, 20 kHz audio deliver outstanding quality. H.264 High Profile provides ultimate bandwidth efficiency and H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) offers high network error resiliency for unequalled performance in real-world network conditions.


Unparalleled Power
The SCOPIA XT Meeting Center harnesses unparalleled power for the most demanding conferencing applications. Two full 1080p 60fps video channels, H.264 High Profile and SVC, an optional embedded 9-way MCU, and iPad Multi-Touch control - all combine to make the XT Meeting Center the most powerful system in its class.


Intuitive and Easy-to-Use
Designed with the end-user in mind, the SCOPIA XT Meeting Center’s user interface uses the same intuitive design as RADVISION’s award-winning SCOPIA Mobile application, enabling instant, intuitive and effective control - no training required. For an enhanced experience, the XT Meeting Center is enabled for Multi- Touch control via the Apple iPad.


Sophisticated and Elegant Design
Refinement of the SCOPIA XT Meeting Center goes beyond the user experience to the sophisticated and elegant hardware design of the system. The system is a natural fit for today’s businesses, not only for its ease of use, but also its modern design that complements any conference room. Finally, a powerful business system combining form and functionality. 

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