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Avaya Vantage™ Device

Transform Your Professional Desktop Communications Experience

Avaya Vantage is the industry’s only desktop device that gives you the advantages of a deskphone and the flexibility of an application platform.

Engage using an innovative, dedicated desktop device. Use voice, chat, and collaboration apps through one-touch connections. There are no unnatural breaks or pauses. And no need to manage multiple devices for engagement.

Modernize your desktop with Vantage’s unique all-glass design, signature audio excellence, capacitive touch screen, no mechanical buttons, and an optional corded or cordless handset.

Use available soft clients for audio and video calling and to access the most popular communication features. Avaya Vantage even works on Avaya approved third party call control platforms.

Avaya Aura® Platform customers can have full integration with the Avaya Equinox® Experience and can create custom client applications. Build apps that focus on the specific needs of your industry—healthcare, hospitality, government, retail, entertainment, etc.—and integrate your desktop communications into your workflows and business processes.

  • Avaya Desktop Experience [2:18]
  • Avaya has developed an Avaya Desktop Customer Canvas that provides a clear path to significantly improve your Desktop experience –moving you from your existing Avaya devices to the Essential J-Series portfolio and to the Vantage K-Series portfolio, as well as moving to the CU-360 and Avaya Equinox -- the latest in video conferencing technology!

  • Avaya Vantage™ – Hospitality [1:03]
  • Avaya Vantage is valuable in vertical markets such as hospitality where it creates opportunities for communications as a contextual part of workflow applications.

  • Avaya Vantage™ Use Case Video [2:47]
  • Enable unique and custom experiences that mesh into your workflows and business processes using this powerful, customizable device – and enjoy the advantages of a deskphone and flexibility of an application platform.

  • Guest Experience is Everything - Hotel View [1:19]
  • Short overview of how the same technologies that build brand affinity can also be leveraged for your front of office requirements. Anything from dynamic team development to mobile applications and reservations.

  • Avaya Vantage Overview [1:14]
  • Brand new, all glass, innovative – Avaya VantageTM is a giant leap forward into a potential series of new cutting-edge desktop devices. With its large touch screen display, no visible mechanical buttons; it sets the stage for future devices that surpass traditional ones at all levels – pushing the boundaries of a new desktop user experience.
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