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Yealink Meeting Server

Making Meeting Simpler

Yealink Meeting Server is a distributed cloud-based video conferencing infrastructure that brings MCU, registrar server, traversal server, directory server, meeting and device management server together. To meet HD video conferencing collaboration, the solution enables access for various devices, including room systems, video phones, mobile apps, PC software. Yealink Meeting Server supports 1080P30 multiple concurrent and multiparty conferences. A variety of conference modes and deeply integrated with Yealink VC devices make it simpler to hold video conference,such as conference reminder and one-touch conference access. Yealink Meeting Server providers a user experience that is simple, efficient and reduce the communication cost.

Cutting-edge Cloud-based Distributed Architecture
Based on an advanced distributed cloud architecture, the Yealink Meeting Server can be deployed locally (on-premise) or via the public cloud. The system’s flexible deployment and extension supports virtualization deployment such as VMware, greatly improving the usage ratio while reducing energy consumption.

Anyone, Any Device, Anywhere
The Yealink Meeting Server integrates deeply with Yealink VC products such as the VC120, VC Desktop and T49G. It supports virtual meeting room (VMR) and the incoming call is supported via using the third-party room system based on standard SIP/H.323 protocol. The Yealink Meeting Server supports remote device management that greatly improves administrators’ working efficiency and reduces enterprise maintenance costs while providing powerful system management.

Rich Meeting Functions Enable Easy VC Collaboration
The Yealink Meeting Server supports multiple conference modes to satisfy diverse meeting demands, including P2P conference, scheduled meeting, ad-hoc conference and training mode. It enables people to schedule video conferences and meeting rooms through the Web or via Microsoft Outlook. Conference reminder and one-touch conference access are displayed on endpoints to easily engage users. With the powerful Conference Control function, moderators can run a video conference by easily changing the layout, muting individual or all participants or ending the conference.

Security and Reliability
Conference information stays secure thanks to TLS, SRTP, HTTPS and dynamic passwords. With advanced traversal features ICE/TRUN/STUN/NAT, Yealink Meeting Server ensures communication reliability.

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