Scopia Mobile

Video Collaboration for BYOD

Whether you’re meeting with co-workers in a remote office, partners across the country, or customers around the world, Avaya Scopia® Mobile brings the experience of a face-to-face meeting direct to your mobile device. Join a virtual meeting room and look your colleagues in the eye while you view documents, spreadsheets, or other online content.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is becoming more and more prevalent in the business world, and Scopia Mobile is the ultimate enterprise-grade mobile video application. Scopia Mobile enables HD video conferencing and data collaboration with the nearly two million installed standards-based video conferencing and telepresence systems worldwide.

Scopia Mobile includes the latest video collaboration technology including H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) for error resiliency along with H.264 High Profile for bandwidth efficiency and reduced network costs. Additionally, when viewing content, participants can review previously shared materials without interrupting the presenter through Avaya’s innovative data collaboration features.

HD Video Conferencing
Bring the video room system experience with you to whatever device you use. Participate in standards-based video conferences and see up to 28 participants simultaneously. Through Avaya Scopia video infrastructure, connect to telepresence systems, standards-based HD video conferencing systems and unified communications applications for unmatched interoperability.


Smart Data Collaboration
View presentations, spreadsheets, documents and images shared in a conference with standards-based H.239 interoperable data collaboration and be fully engaged as if attending on a video conferencing room system. Review previously shared materials instantly without disrupting the meeting flow or record everything for a permanent record.


Control, Moderate and Administer Meetings
Start or stop recording or streaming, lock a conference or end the meeting. View the participants list and mute noisy users, stop cameras or simply disconnect unwanted participants. Change video layouts including rearranging participants through the simple Multi-Touch enabled interface. View statistics such as codecs in use, video resolution, network speed and packet loss for troubleshooting.


Easy to Join and Invite Others
Easily join video conferences directly from an email link or through a mobile calendar; access a company directory to invite attendees - all enabled by the Scopia solution’s enterprise integration. Create and schedule video meetings from a device calendar, and invite participants with phones and video systems by their number or IP address.


Mobile Broadband and Wi-Fi Capable
Securely participate in a video conference from almost anywhere using mobile broadband or Wi-Fi, making the Scopia solution a highly effective tool for business travelers. H.264 High Profile delivers bandwidth efficiency, Scalable Video Coding (SVC) offers high error resiliency, Avaya NetSense enables high quality over variable network conditions, and AES-128 encryption offers robust security. Combined, this advanced technology helps ensure high quality, built-for-business mobile video collaboration.

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