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Vidyo Neo for Desktop

Vidyo Neo™ for Desktop


Vidyo Neo™ is a powerful business-grade experience that provides the most network resilient desktop video conferencing experience in the industry to Windows and Mac users. Vidyo Neo offers a feature-rich and intuitive user experience that virtually eliminates multi-tasking and increases meeting effectiveness. And streamlined workflows make it even easier to connect with colleagues, customers, partners, clients, vendors, and patients.

•  Stunning quality – Receive up to 5K resolution and send up to 720p30
•  Self-service meeting rooms – End users easily create virtual meeting rooms
•  Pre-meeting confidence monitor – Guests preview self-view before joining meetings
•  In-call device selection – Change video and audio accessories on-the-fly
•  Intuitive content sharing – Visual thumbnails of applications that ensure only the correct information is shared

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