ROBOConnect Voice

ROBOConnect Voice, a one-stop VoIP service, reduces telephone costs dramatically for businesses making International calls between sites. It not only provides on loan IP PBX, VoIP gateway and VPN routers, but also on-site support maintenance and equipment life-time warranty. Initially offered between Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, ROBOConnect Voice Service users can enjoy advanced PBX functionality and place unlimited international calls 24-hours a day at a fixed and lowest monthly rate.

Immediate cost saving
You can save up to 90% of your long distance telecommunication cost if you order ROBOConnect Voice for each of corporate locations. By removing the long distance cost barrier between geographically separated offices, ROBOConnect Voice improves communication and increases productivity.


Call anytime and anywhere
Equipped with VoIP gateway or IP PBX, ROBOConnect Voice subscribers can enjoy free VoIP calls no matter they are at office, at home or on the road. All calls to the remote location are routed over Internet without any long distance charges.


No investment, no disruption
ROBOConnect Voice does not require special accommodation, easing the installation decision process. No existing telephony service relationships need to be changed. Eware handles the PBX integration with VoIP Gateway or IP PBX installation.


No onward maintenance cost
Eware monitors and maintains not only the central servers, but also the client-end devices. Our customers do not need to take care anything, but enjoy the reduced telephone expenses.


Voice VPN support
By using our advanced technology, voice VPN, all calls can be routed through our managed VPN network instead of public Internet, leading to a guaranteed voice quality. Many other service providers can only route the calls through public Internet and the voice quality can not be guaranteed because there is traffic jam from time to time due to the shortage of international bandwidth. With voice VPN, all calls are routed to our local POP (Point of Presence) first so that they can go through our private international backbone to the remote locations.

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