UR UTM Recorder

ShareTech UR Series combine UTM (United Threat Management) with 24 / 7 recorder that is a secured gateway product processing speed and safety.


All online activities such as Web / FTP / IM / Mail (including browsed webpages, detailed dialogue, transferred files, contacters, and attachments) are recorded to prevent data leakage. ShareTech UR series also support multi-WANs and make use of in-built DNS for Outbound / Inbound load balance which assures a stable network.


Histor y flow and various flow analyses assist administrators to have real-time trouble shooting. Regular self-defined reports can be deployed in either texts or graphics. ShareTech UR series have all these in a single appliance!

Firewall Functions

UTM Series SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) provides DoS detection and prevention against some popular attack modes, such as SYN flooding, port scans, and packet injection. When the unusually high rates of new connection are detected, the system will issue an alert notification or block anomalous session. In addition, UTM Series SPI protects against packet-injection attacks by checking several components of TCP and UDP sessions.


IP V4 / V6 Dual Mode
IPv4 address exhaustion has occurred sooner than being predicted. To cope with IPv4 depletion, UTM Series provides a solution that covers both IPv4 and IPv6 network and can be configured for IPv4 only, IPv6 only, or to support both protocols simultaneously. Also, UTM Series has been certificated with “IPv6 Ready” logo by the IPv6 forum.


Content Filtering
IT administrator can remove specific undesirable objects from HTTP traffic, such as ActiveX objects or Java applets that may pose a security threat in certain situations. In addition, UTM Series will block vicious websites which may cause damage to PCs according to the Black-list. IT administrator can also add both keywords and URLs of specified websites or webpages to Blacklist and Whitelist.


URL Database
The database collect almost 1, 000, 000 URLs and updates every period of time without additional charge. All these URLs and their contents were analyzed and classified into 12 categories, including Aggressive, Audio-Video, Drugs, Gambling, Hacking, Porn, Proxy, Redirector, Spyware, Suspect, Violence, and Warez. To ensure regulatory compliance, IT administrator is able to block any category in the database.


Load Balance
UTM Series provides outbound / inbound load balancing, which distribute the traffic across available links. When one of the links is down, the other link will take over the work and handle the traffic until troubled link returns to normal, in manual or auto mode.


UTM Series provides Smart QoS solution, offering more agile bandwidth management for industries and organizations. All the servers and users can be configured their minimum and maximum bandwidth; the remaining bandwidth will be allotted to the other users according to their configuration.


Application Access Control
To prevent data leakage and ensure regulatory compliance, the access to applications which unrelated to work should be controlled during working hours. UTM Series can block file sharing via P2P applications in addition to IM access controls, preventing data leakage and helping organizations and industries meet the requirements of regulatory compliance.


Security Protection

UTM Series offers Clam AV for virus scanning which can detect over 800,000 kinds of viruses, worms, and Trojans. Its utilities include a command line scanner, automatic database updater and a scalable multi-threaded daemon, running on an anti-virus engine from a shared library. ShareTech UTM Series can be configured as a proxy for SMTP and POP3 servers. Once suspicious emails are detected, the administrator can decide to delete or block them. Moreover, virus scanning is offered for website and FTP so that all the packages will be scanned once the function of anti-virus is enabled in policy.


UTM Series employs 6 solutions: Fingerprinting, Bayesian Filtering, ST-PIC multi-dimensional; graphics pattern recognition, Auto learning, personal Blacklist / Whitelist and Spam characteristics filtering. The functions help industries to update the latest spam and create their own database. In addition, the actions to the spam mails could be deleted, quarantined, and non-filtered. Spam-filtering mechanism serves as the defense line to blocks 95% spam.


Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)
Built-in IDP (IDS+IPS) inspects the packets from OSI layer 4 (transport layer) to OSI layer 7 (application layer) by using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), and block concealed malicious code, such as worms and buffer overflow attacks. As soon as an attack is suspected, UTM Series will immediately notify the IT administrator and later an extensive range of reports is available for the IT administrator to analyze. Moreover, integrated IDP system with automatic attack-signature database updates capability.


BotNet Co-Defense
UTM Series provides BotNet with NAT which enables a company to use more internal IP addresses. The detecting appliance can explicitly point out which is the real attack running hidden while internal users mailing spam through the mail server. Though BotNet is blocked, the malicious computer keeps infecting ordinary users’ computers. To ensure CPU recourse not being wasted on the same matter, administrator can enable BotNet Co-Defense and directly shut down switch port of infected computers. It not only saves recourses but also suspense malicious software spreading in the internal network.


ARP Spoofing Defense
It has been the most difficult for UTM to detect broadcast package sent out on the local network such as ARP spoofing and private DHCP server because of congenital defects of communication protocols. UTM Series detecting appliances can effectively defect who is the man-in-the-middle attack. With a Co-defense switch, physical IP destination can be marked.


Anomalous IP Analysis
UTM Series provides the excellent function of anomaly traffic detection because the appliances can detect outgoing / incoming concurrent sessions, upload flow and download flow. If employee are violating the rules and exceeding more downloading flow, they will be logged and blocked. In addition, IT administrator is allowed to define the trusted IP list. If an IP address is added to the trusted IP list, then it will not be detected, and the selected action will not be implemented to that IP address as well.


Co-Defense SNMP
An advanced protection of UTM, CO-Defense SNMP, is used in network management systems to monitor network-attached devices for conditions that warrant administrative attention. When anomalous flow occurs, it will be blocked and the administrator will be notified and assisted to this abnormal situation. Defects can be known on which computer and which switch port at the earliest possible time which prevents business network from failure. UTM Series Co-Defense makes network management fairly easy because it does not need any change from network structure, habits of individual user, buying expensive Switch (with Layer 2), and extra detecting appliances.


Internet Recorder Functions
WEB, FTP, Mail Records

UTM Series can monitor HTTP, FTP, and mail. It records browsed websites contents (with HTTP), attachments, files transferred by FTP, and incoming/outgoing/missed mail.


IM (Instant Messaging) Records
UTM Series not only controls IM access (ICQ, Google Talk, Yahoo, WebIM, MSN, Line, and QQ), but also record IM such as Yahoo, Jabber, even encrypted Skype and QQ. Conversation history which you have sent to and received from your contacts or groups can all be recorded.


VPN Functions

VPN, Virtual Private Network, supplies private connectivity over public lines. Deploying VPNs enables businesses of any size to deliver secured connectivity for mobile employees, branch offices, and clients.

1.PSec VPN

IPsec VPN securing the site-to-site connections allows the head quarter and its branch offices on the same network and sharing resources among offices. For industries, IPSec is the best way to connect for transmitting encrypted data over the network.


PPTP VPN offers point to point connection for employee at home. PPTP VPN enables employee get access to industry’s network securely and easily.


Web VPN ( or SSL VPN ) offers you an easy VPN access to your headquarters simply through a web browser. Offsite users may create VPN connections at anytime from anywhere with ease.


Management Functions
Diagnostic Tool

UTM Series provides diagnostic tools that help IT administrator find out network problem without wasting time, including Ping, Traceroute, DNS Query, Server link, etc.


UTM Series records mail with attachments through mail server and gateway. The server supports eml documental storage which is easy to be read or searched in any operating system.


Lan Bypass
It is a fault-tolerance feature that protects your essential communications in the event of power outage. WAN1 and LAN1 ports will be bridged together when the power runs out. When used with Drop-in Mode, such failure would be completely transparent to the network. Therefore, the network connectivity is fully protected.


CMS (Central Management System) provides a useful management and monitoring solution, which allows industries to manage distributed appliances installation across remote offices and clients.


AP Control
UTM Series can be a unified controller that is responsible for configuration, control, and management of several HiGuard HOME/SOHO (wireless routers). Each HiGuard wireless router integrates flows to ShareTech UTM. On the UTM management interface, administrators can easily monitor and manage operation (functioning or malfunction), uploading/downloading flow, and concurrent users on every AP (MAC address included).

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