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Logitech launches 4K huddle-room conference camera - the MeetUp

6 June 2017


Today, Logitech launches 4K huddle-room conference camera - the MeetUp.



The MeetUp looks very different from its huddle-room stablemate, resembling a BRIO-style webcam on steroids rather an Amazon Echo. MeetUp's key spec is its 4K UltraHD camera with 5x HD zoom, which has a 120-degree field of view (FoV) -- by comparison, the Connect only offers full HD and a 90-degree FoV. MeetUp goes even further, supporting up to 175 degrees via its motorised pan/tilt mechanism, operated by the redesigned square remote control unit. MeetUp also offers enhanced audio, optimised for huddle-room-sized spaces, and three omnidirectional echo-cancelling, noise-reducing mics.



Unlike the battery-powered Connect, which is truly portable, MeetUp requires a power socket -- although, of course, it can easily be moved from room to room and plugged in.



Another MeetUp differentiator is the availability of an optional expansion mic, which extends the device's range, allowing it to service meeting rooms with up to 8 people. Another (free) option is an app, available in July for Android and iOS devices, that turns your smartphone into a remote control.

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