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Yealink Meeting Server Global Launch

10 May 2017


Yealink, the global leading unified communication (UC) terminal solution provider, announced today the release of the Yealink Meeting Server, a distributed cloud-based video conferencing infrastructure tailored for HD video conferencing collaboration in the modern workplace.


The Yealink Meeting Server is an all-in-one solution to satisfy multiple video conferencing demands from medium-sized and large enterprises. Featuring an advanced distributed cloud architecture, rich meeting functions, wide flexibility, security and reliability, the Yealink Meeting Server ensures users pleasant meeting experience with cutting cost and improving efficiency.


Cutting-edge Cloud-based Distributed Architecture
Based on an advanced distributed cloud architecture, the Yealink Meeting Server can be deployed locally (on-premise) or via the public cloud. The virtualization deployment of the system also contributes to the usage ratio with less energy consumption.


Rich Meeting Functions Enable Easy VC Collaboration
The Yealink Meeting Server satisfies diverse meeting demands for conference modes, be it a peer-to-peer meeting or a schedule meeting. Providing rich functions with easy use, it enables users to schedule, enter, or run a video conference effortlessly and conveniently.


Anyone, Any Device, Anywhere
Seamlessly working with various devices including Yealink VC products, the Yealink Meeting Server allows anyone to enjoy VC Collaboration from anywhere with any device. Supporting remote device management, the system greatly improves administrators’ working efficiency and reduces enterprise maintenance costs.


Security and Reliability
Conference information stays secure thanks to TLS, SRTP, HTTPS and dynamic passwords. With advanced traversal features ICE/TRUN/STUN/NAT, the Yealink Meeting Server ensures communication reliability.


“VCaaS is the trend of communication industry. As a response to the trend, we launch the Yealink Meeting Server today to provide customers with more flexible and functional VC collaboration solution,” said Stone Lu, Vice President of Yealink. “With multiple competitive features, we are confident to hear positive feedbacks from our customers.”

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