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Yealink Delivers Cloud IP Phones for Skype for Business Online Microsoft Office 365

5 Apr 2017


Yealink, the global leading unified communication (UC) terminal solution provider, is pleased to announce today that two of its cloud IP phones have been certified with Skype for Business providing enhanced qualification with Cloud PBX in Microsoft Office 365. Yealink’s T46G and T48G phones can now be deployed in Skype for Business in both on-premises and hybrid environments and for use with Microsoft Office 365.


“The latest certification affirms our continuous commitment to enhancing interoperability and to bringing lifelike and productive communication experience through our phone endpoints for Skype for Business customers,” said Yealink Vice President Stone Lu.


Yealink’s IP phones for Skype for Business ensure greater user adoption and productivity. The Gigabit color phone T46G and the flagship touch screen color phone T48G both feature Yealink Optimal HD Voice. The Skype-inspired user interface gives users lower support costs and higher end-user satisfaction and usage rates. The dynamic seven-inch touchscreen T48G display offers users an enriched visual and operation experience.


The T46G and T48G support Skype for Business server functionality to ensure high communication productivity, including features like conferencing and presence status. Both models support integration with Office 365 services such as Microsoft Exchange and Skype for Business Update Service. Yealink ensures effortless deployment and easier management by supporting multiple flexible deployment methods and Yealink’s pre-install firmware service.


"Yealink addresses the growing demand from companies who want to optimize their unified communication experience,” said Tiffany Wissner, senior director, Skype for Business at Microsoft Corp. “Yealink gives Office 365 users a quality IP phone solution and the familiarity of Skype for Business without having to break the bank.”

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