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Yealink Announces Three New Desktop Phones Qualified for Skype for Business

3 June 2016


Yealink Skype edition T40P, T42G and T46G phones join T48G in offering customers feature-rich endpoint choices for Skype for Business


Yealink, the global leading unified communication (UC) terminal solution provider, is pleased to announce enhanced interoperability with Microsoft Skype for Business. Three new Yealink Skype for Business edition desktop phones are now compatible for use with Skype for Business – the entry-level T40P, the robust Gigabit phone T42G and the Gigabit color phone T46G.


These models join the flagship model T48G, which was already qualified for Skype for Business. Yealink Skype for Business HD IP Phones are ideal for workers across all areas of the enterprise, from entry-level employees to C-suite executives.


According to Yealink Vice President Stone Lu, “We build our product line with ease of use and simple management in mind. Each solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with users’ workflows and to enhance their productivity.”


Each Yealink Skype for Business edition phone is specifically designed for greater user adoption thanks to the Skype-inspired user interface. Skype for Business users will find familiar iconography and operational flows in these products, as well as high-quality displays. The flagship model T48G phone offers a dynamic 7-inch touchscreen display.


The phone series supports Skype for Business server functionality to ensure high communication productivity, including features like conferencing and boss/admin as well as flexible switching between Skype for Business desktop clients and Yealink phones with the wireless Better Together over Ethernet (BToE) function. Furthermore, the phones are suitable for common areas and support simple configuration and mass deployment to help save time and lower IT costs.


“The Yealink Skype for Business HD IP Phones are an important part of our current and future strategy,” explained Yealink Vice President Stone Lu. “We are working closely with Microsoft to launch a new phone firmware release for Skype for Business (version 4.5 for Office 365) in the near future. Moving forward, customers can expect to see more Skype for Business certified Yealink phones and services.”

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